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Repair Centre

The Repair Centre is a lightweight Windows application designed prodominately for Hobby Stores/Model Shops looking for a solution to handle customer details and information of every repair job or parts order. This application removes the need for paper to be filled out while keeping track of each customers details and a history of their current and previous jobs or orders.

The idea for this software came from my own experience working at multiple hobby stores. The problems identified were customers details getting lost or either forgotten about. Currently there was no way to track the progress of orders or repairs. Customers would ring and often we would have little to zero information to give them. We needed software that not only was tailored to fit the needs of a hobby store, but was simple and fast that staff felt compelled to use the software.

This software is intended to be very easy to use, fast and accessible over multiple computers on the same network. It is intended to work complimentary with an existing POS system. Therefore, there is no overly complicated payment/billing system.

The Repair Centre is customizable to the point where you can insert your own logo into the software to make it feel 'personalized'.

Repair Centre

Features Include :

- Add Customers / Remove Customers
- Add Jobs / Remove Jobs
- Add Orders / Remove Orders
- Browse customer information at a fingers click
- Quickly browse jobs/orders that have not been paid for or finished
- Search for customers or jobs by keywords
- Complete or Incomplete status on each customer job/order
- Usable over multiple computers on any network


This software is currently in beta and the most recent release is version

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