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This is a collection of websites I have done over the past few years. Ranging from landing pages, websites for small businesses, Content Managment Systems (CMS) like WordPress, ZenCart, NopCommerce, Magento, and many other PHP, c# .NET, Ruby based frameworks & API's.

My websites aim to all be W3C Compliant, fast & robust. Completely mobile/tablet responsive, SEO Friendly and built using the right tool for the job in conjunction with commonly accepted software development design patterns.

If you are looking to do something different and out of the norm, I can help you build crazy, out of this world, unique web based applications.

Cabinet Builders

Cabinet Builders is a website that allows customers to customise and purchase kitchen cabinetry online. The website gives the customer the flexibility to specify dimensions and colours and other features such as handles and other accessories. The website is completely custom built, the e-commerce system was designed and written by myself and offers users a very ease and modern way of processing payments.

This e-commerce solution was built using PHP, MySQL and takes advantage of Google, Payment Express and Xero API’s.

Released : February 2016
Hamilton Asphalts

Hamilton Asphalts is the Waikato's industry leading asphalt company. After getting in contact with Lance in regards to creating a new presence for his company, I quickly got to work.

After communicating with various staff within the organisation and tracing down images taken by magazine marketing companies I managed to put together an awesome looking website that reflects the professionalism that Hamilton Asphalts demonstrates.

This website utilizes Responsive design, a ton of CSS3 animations and is under continuous development.

Released : February 2015
Pure Kitchens & Joinery

The Pure Kitchens website was an interesting project. Built using PHP, the website has a customer area that allows the staff to create customers, send invoices and quotes.

Another key aspect of this project was the ability for customers to be able to Track their projects build progress, this meant desktop software had to be written that was deployed in the workshop.

This website also communicates with Xero to manage invoices and transactions. A complete CRM solution that gives Pure Kitchens a point of differentiation in the market place, thanks to technology.

Released : August 2015
Anglican Diocese of Waikato and Taranaki

I built the website for Anglican Action. We got into action designing and discussing what we wanted the platform to do. I implemented a custom developed MVC patterned content management system (CMS) I have been building on, so this means a custom frontend, backend and architecture.

The website is super lean & scalable, with a backend that does exactly what it's supposed too, such as blogging, event scheduling, automatic backups, image slider changing, page creation & user account types. Built taking advantage of Apache ReWrite URLs keeps the platform well up with todays usability and SEO ways of thinking.

Released : May 2015
Small Puff

I wanted an excuse to work with Magento, none of existing clients needed an e-commerce system that justified the complexity of Magento, and so I decided I would start my own e-commerce business. So with that in mind I had a think about what was currently trending, and had low barrier to entry.

E-Cigarettes it was! I got to work finding supplier’s overseas and negotiating prices, I ordered product, setup the e-commerce store and here we have it. So I got to learn heaps about working with Magento and I am creating an online entity that will help make some pocket money in the near future!

The on-line store works beautifully across all platforms and utilises Mail Chimp / Mandrill and various other Magento extensions that allow it to work flawlessly. I am changing and tweaking this on this site as I get time. However, I ensure customer service exceeds expectations.

Released : May 2015
Vehicle Aid (Still in Development)

After the success of building the website, Glenn at Rennacs requested that I get to work on the sister company. 'Vehicle Aid' Vehicle aid is a company that provides automotive solutions to auto mechanics and the public.

The sole purpose of this website was to re-align the new website with the direction of vehicle aids newly established company statement. This involved creating a brand that reflected the values in the mission statement and marketing the website to the newly fine-tuned target market.

This website built using a responsive design and built on a lightweight modulated PHP backend.

To Be Released : 2015
Just Food Cafe

I was given the job of developing the new website for Just Food Cafe. The previous website was fairly outdated and really did not achieve the desired outcome of obtaining the customer’s attention; both design wise and content wise. Working with the existing logo proved to be the hardest aspect of this website. Coming up with a design that contrasted well proved testing.

The new website is built on a custom PHP CMS system that lets the team login through their back-end and add/edit specials and make changes to the menus.

This website features a responsive frontend design with a lightweight modulated design to handle things in the back.

Released : December 2014
Extreme Hobbies

Juan at Dunedin's Extreme Hobbies got in contact with me after seeing previous work that I have done with other stores in the Hobby Industry. This time I took advantage of the asp.NET MVC Open Source E-commerce Nop Commerce system which is some very beautiful software. It was very easy to configure, edit where required and deploy.

The end result being in a website that is quite possibly one of the most professional hobby store websites in the country. (But I would say that). This job involved migrating files and images from Juan's previous e-commerce store to the new Nop software. Fortunately the database size was fairly small on the scheme of things with a touch over 1000 products.

Released : November 2014
Frankton Model Shop

The Frankton Model Shop understood the importance of having an E-Commerce website as part of their arsenal in dominating the hobby scene in New Zealand. They came to me to help turn this into a reality. The website is based on the open source Zen Cart software which is highly customisable and scalable.

The website has over 55,000 products currently online and is the largest online hobby store in New Zealand. This introduced a new problem, keeping accurate stock levels for a website with such a massive product range.

Simply turning products on and off manually was not practical, we needed an automated system that could do this. In response to this problem I built software using C# that enabled the staff to be able to synchronise the database from their MYOB Point of Sale system straight to their E-Commerce website on a daily basis with a click of a button.

I have been actively maintaining this website since 2010.

Released : September 2010
Anglican Action

The team at Anglican Action got in contact with me after seeing some of the previous work I had done for Hikumutu Camps. The objective was to develop a website that looked beautiful, was easy for the staff to edit and manipulate behind the scenes and get across the targeted message that the organisation felt their previous website failed to do.

The website was built using PHP and the PSCMS (Pearce Stephens Content Management System). Twitter Bootstrap was utilized to help modernize the website and improve productivity and mobile compatibility.

Released : October 2014
Rennacs Vehicle Diagnostics

I was employed by Glenn at Rennacs to design their new website. Rennacs is a vehicle diagnostic company and part of the company's future business plan was to create a new image for company.

This was where it was time for me to shine. I was put in charge of all aspects of the design and build, including being responsible for developing the user interface, organising and hiring professionals to do photography work, generating 3D Graphical imagery where required, programming the front end shopping cart system and incorporating the design into pre-existing systems. is a website that is built on the BootStrap 3.0 Framework with the backend being built using PHP. The end result being a website that looks beautiful, functions beautifully and most importantly meets the requirements of Rennacs needs.

Released : June 2014
HobbySpy is a website I built that scans all the top hobby store websites in New Zealand and saves their product information, this data is stored in a database that is publically viewable and searchable through an easy to use interface. The result? The largest database of products in the southern hemisphere that visitors can view in one location.

The target audience I anticipate for this website will include the general public looking for modelling goods, hobby store employees & management. Potential International customers looking for niche; difficult to find products. is unique in the nature that there is no other like it within the industry. Being able to locate products where the calibre of products is only of reputable brands will ultimately improve customer service New Zealand wide, increasing conversion rates for stores with the best prices, increase competition and provide a service for stores that rivals their in-store point of sale systems for looking up prices/models.

Users can post reviews, see the newest products from stores around New Zealand and save searched products for later viewing. This website was built using Ruby On Rails and the RESTFul architecture. The website crawler that was developed for this project was also written in Ruby. The website is completely responsive for all screen sizes.

Released : May 2014
RC Manuals

This project involved developing an internet application specifically for the Frankton Model Shop. The Frankton Model Shop is a brick and mortar store with excess of 60,000 products and is the largest of its kind within the southern hemisphere. In agreement and collaboration with FMS I developed an officially affiliated sister website.

Due to the Frankton Model Shop's incredibly large inventory of products, the instruction manuals and other various documentation for their products are always in use and in demand, however despite operating for 45 years, there is no formal business process in place to store or locate these documents. Searching the internet, actively looking through unorganised boxes and wasting time while attempting to find the right model occurs on a daily basis. Customers often don't know where or how to find part numbers for what they are looking for and this, in turn, means the store needs to locate the part for the customer; resulting in more wasted time and inefficient use of resources.

To combat this I created an application that is tuned for the industry's needs using the latest responsive design and front end driven technologies, backed with PHP and mySQL. PHP was choosen for this project due to the existing FMS website being built in PHP and the existing server being Linux based. During the build I used the stores current MySQL database of existing products to dynamically display related models, spare parts and other related content based on the manual or manufacture that the potential customer/user will be viewing and have those products link back to Frankton Model Shops existing e-commerce store.

Due For Release : June 2014

Snuggler is a self-running online dating website that allows users to sign up, browse other members, and send messages among many other features. The idea behind Snuggler was to create a website that rivalled all the leading online dating websites while providing improved features and better user experience.

Snuggler is fully custom built from scratch and has many features implemented into it from photo manipulation, asynchronous client feedback (Ajax), custom messaging system and live activity Facebook like activity feed.

Snuggler closed a short while ago, so the website is no longer available to view. It was developed using ASP.NET C# MVC Framework

Released : November 2013
M Branz Ltd

M Branz is another supplier of modelling goods and accessories who are situated in Auckland. M Branz do not sell to the public, they wanted an E-Commerce website that only allowed specified wholesale accounts with permission to submit purchase orders yet still allow for the public to see what is available and the retail price.

Due to the nature of the task, I decided to use Zen Cart again as the framework for this website. Due to my experience with Zen Cart combined with the ease of modifying the core features meant I was able to produce a website that met the precise criteria that M Branz was looking for.

Darryl at M Branz contacted me to put this plan into action after he witnessed the transformation the Frankton Model Shop website had undergone under my control.

Released : June 2012
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Hobby Software

Hobby Software is a website that I have created personally. The website is the public display for my software the "Repair Centre". The Repair Centre is a Customer Management System that is tailored specifically for Hobby Stores.

The software is designed to be simple and easy to use. It allows store owners to record information about customers and any orders or repair jobs that they may have. The software is currently in open Beta and is free to all users. The software is community driven by the members on the forum and will eventually lead to being open source.

This website is a very lightweight design, it is constructed using only HTML and CSS. This lightweight visual aspect is to reflect the nature of the software.

Released : July 2013
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Hikumutu Camps came to me design their website after coming across this website, they currently had somebody working on their website but they were inexperienced and had not produced a website that the management team at Hikumutu were happy with.

Together we built a website that specifically met Dave's criteria. This included building a CMS for any user to login and edit content and change details as required on their website.

Released : August 2013
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