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Live Chat For Zen Cart (Just quickly wrote this page)

The Frankton Model Shop had tried Live-Chat software in the past. It worked okay, but downfalls such as not synchronizing across network computers, inability to turn itself on in the morning, or turn itself off left the company making themselves looking silly on more than one occasion.

The company knew that to gain competitive advantage, they needed to offer customer service that was superior to competitors. Being a firm player in the hobby industry helps, but the bar is not set very high from competitors, so doing something small like a live chat greatly increases customer service.

So, I got to work creating a live chat system that was fully customized and ready to integrate into their existing system, and the rest is history.

Features Include :

- Shows the products the user has recently viewed
- Displays customer details & previous order details if the user is logged into Zencart
- Automatically turns on in the morning, and off at the end of the day. Starts up when the computer turns on.
- Allows staff to have a Photo and a profile, multiple Staff support
- Records conversation history, with Popup Notifications and reminders
- Prewritten Messages

View the chat live at

FMS Live Chat

FMS Live Chat

FMS Live Chat

FMS Live Chat

ZenCart Live chat was completely built by myself, the desktop application was built using C# and WPF.

The frontend that is on the website was built using a combination of HTML/CSS & our good friend JavaScript. This was a completely built from scratch application.

Today the application has been in use at the Frankton Model Shop for over a year, roughly 1000 conversations have been completed so far. Sales have increased, customer service has increased, and the staff ACTUALLY use the software, success.